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Tulip is one of Marsa Alam's better five star hotels with excellent service, good food, a clean beach and for those who wish to walk off the calories a romantic jetty stretching out across the coral reef almost one kilometre long.

: 246 including 12 family rooms - each a vast 95 sqm, 156 superior rooms with twin and king size king beds each of 55 sqm and 78 standard rooms also at 55 sqm. The guest rooms are designed as low-rise bungalows, laid out in a huge U-shape around the main swimming pool area.  

Room facilities: Air conditioning, bathroom with shower, direct dial telephone, mini-bar,  safe deposit box,  32 inch flat screen LCD TV, private terrace or balcony.  Some rooms have handicapped facilities.

Location: 17 km south from Marsa Alam airport and 46 km north of the town of Marsa Alam.

Facilties: Main restaurant (Jasmine) open - breakfast: 07:00 - 10.00: lunch 12:30 - 14:00 and dinner: 19:00 - 21:30,   There are also beach restaurants serving a light lunch during the day from 12.30 to 17.00 and an a la carte dinner from 19.00 to 21.30. For those looking for a relaxing drink there are Lobby and pool bars. The hotel facities also include  3 swimming pools, largest 1500sqm and the middle one 500sqm (heated) and one children's pool.  Diving Center and a health club with gym, sauna and hair salon open from 0800 to 2000.  A Kid's Club open from 11.00 to 17.00.  Beach volleyball, tennis court, horse and camel riding,   a 250 metre long private sandy beach and coral reef.


You can book a room at Tulip Resort by email or by phone on + 20 100 020 4322 or use the links at the bottom of this page.   


As of March 2016, its ranking stood at 39th out of 73 hotels in the Marsa Alam.  However satisfaction levels are good with 77 per cent of reviewers giving it a "very good" or "excellent" rating and with only 8 per cent rating it as "poor" or "terrible". 82 per cent of Trip Advisor reviewers would recommend the hotel.

On, as of March 2016
, it has an excellent average review score of 4.8 out of six stars  with the highest scores awarded for rooms at 5.3 and service and sport at 5.0 and slightly lower results for food at 4.5 and location at 4.5. An impressive 91 per cent of holiday check reviewers said they would recommend the resort.  

Overall, guest reviews on TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck have been mostly very positive.


"The beauty of Tulip Resort is the coral reef which is worth seeing several times because each time you discover something different. One morning I followed and admired the movements of a beautiful turtle.......  The guardian of the jetty, Osman, should also be commended..... extraordinarily patient, kind and considerate and enabling visitors to see (with a mask) the hidden paradise that they would have otherwise missed."
( TripAdvisor Geremia 12 October 2015 ) 

"The seaside location is great. The beach is beautiful and quiet. There is always a free place, clean beach towels and convenient access to the sea without need of shoes for even the less experienced and a jetty of 700 meters leading to a reef rich in fish with unforgettable colours. Do not be fooled by its' length. It is an opportunity for a healthy walk and at night, all lit up, it becomes a romantic location between the sea and the stars."
( Sbillmi 16 January 2015 )

"The scuba diving is amazing and the beach allows you to walk out for a long while before even hitting deep water."

( Rachael S. 24 June 2013 ) 

"The jetty goes a long way out but great snorkeling from there and we had the bonus of five dolphins coming in and swimming among us."
( 2 March 2012 ) 

"A weary long pontoon," moaned one guest commenting on the jetty, "about a ten minute walk to the end."  

( 6 February 2012 ) 

Another guest loved the jetty commenting "The long foot bridge across the reef is great."
( Ines March 2012 )

"The nearby reef is very worthwhile seeing, and I had a meeting with a turtle and dolphins."  Strange how German reviewers make such pleasures sound strangely business like.  
( Jorg March 2012 )

"The beach is clean, being swept clean every evening and you can find enough beds and umbrellas."
( 14 January 2012 )


"We were pleasantly surprised with our room, dark woods, working air conditioning and flatscreen tv. Nice and clean and just the job for our two weeks in Egypt.  Our room attendant was excellent, our kids loved coming back to the room full of wonder of what sculptures would be made from the bed linen."
( TripAdvisor Jeff 23 August 2015 )
"The design of the hotel is very good as... all rooms overlook the sea and the pools. There are three floors and we had a room on the top floor with a balcony. Each block of three is staggered so that each individual balcony is not overlooked by its' neighbour (and) despite being in blocks with many rooms joined we found it very quiet and had undisturbed sleep. The rooms are spacious and the bed comfortable... (and) there is a spacious shower room with a hairdryer."
( Karen201211 21 May 2013 ) 

"Large room, walk in shower, king size bed. Big balcony. Room was kept spotless by the cleaner, nothing was too much trouble."

( 26 April 2012 ) 

"The room was beautiful and spotlessly clean thanks to Mohammed who also did wonderful things with our towels and night clothes !"
( 1 April 2012 )

"The rooms were spacious and modern."
( Ines March 2012 )  

"We had a sea view for a small charge but it was worth it. Sitting in the evening on our balcony, watching the stars above the sea - simply great."
( 14 January 2012 ) 


"The man behind the bar was so friendly and funny. He makes everybody smile and you never had an empty glass. Whether you speak Arabic, English and German he can understand you."
( TripAdvisor Simone 20 March 2015 )

"We went as a family, myself, my husband, brother and sister-in-law, and we liked to sit and play cards and dominoes each night and have a drink and a giggle. Each night, when we arrived in the bar area, the bar staff would move tables, chairs, get rid of ashtrays and have drinks on the table before we even had to ask. They were polite, respectful (although also) always up for a laugh..."

( Guest's comments on April 2013 ) 

"The staff were always eager to help....Thanks to all."
( Karen February 2012 )  

"The room cleaning was brilliant. The boys very nice. Almost every day new surprises for the kids in the room. And without tips. The staff in the whole hotel was really nice !"
( Christin & Rene February 2012 )

 "The service was perfect. The staff were very friendly no matter whether it was a waiter, gardener, house keeping.......The room was always clean, and a small tip would ensure great hand-made towel figures....(and in the restaurant) hardly was the plate empty and it was already cleared. After a few days the waiters already knew what you wanted to drink and you no longer needed to get it yourself."
( Claudia February 2012 ) 

"Very attentive and polite staff without requiring any tip, but you cheerfully give them coz they deserve it."
( 14 January 2012 ) 


"There are so many different foods to choose from that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to find something you will like."
( Francesca 30 August 2015 ) 

"There is always something to eat. Fresh pasta and pizzas are cooked exactly to order, omelettes are cooked to order in the morning, along with fresh croissants and pancakes. The eating areas are very clean and the food is beautifully presented."

(  Guest's comments on April 2013 ) 

"The food was really good.  A lot of chicken.  We were both there for two weeks and the food was different both weeks.  Even if you are a picky eater there is something there for everyone."
( 22 May 2012 ) 

"The restaurant served a variety of buffet food all very tasty.  Also very clean in the restaurant."
( 26 April 2012 )  

"Food is very good. Everyone can find something for himself and never leaves hungry. Deserts are amazing and almost every day there is an outside grill with fish or pork served by the chef. Waiters are very observant and fast, always ready to bring you what you want."
( 14 January 2012 )


"Should just mention the heated pool which was amazing !"
( 1 April 2012 ) 


"Perfect Wow. What a warm welcome, all the staff so friendly, very good food, beach and wow, the BEST animation team. The rooms are big with wonderful views. Thank you Tulip Resort..... best wishes to you all."
( Hage 7 March 2015 )

"The Tulip Resort reaches more than four stars. I want to say that our whole holiday time in Tulip Resort was just excellent since our first arrival there, thank you and thanks to your staff !"
( Dariusz 12 February 2015 ) 

"Perfect resort to rest and relax. Good food, very clean, kind staff and perfect location for diving and snorkeling. It is just a bit remote. There is nothing in the area, no village, no ancient sites, so no reason to leave the resort at all, total relaxation at the pool and on the beach with a 100 per cent guarantee."

( Dublinherbert 13 July 2013 )

(Actually this webiste doesn't agree on  one point - that there's nothing to do outside your resort - there are national parks, fascinating historical sites and of course the possibility of overland or diving safaris - but you may need help to visit these places -  please check our where to go section).

"If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday this is a must !"
( 22 May 2012 ) 

"Have never spent a holiday so perfect and delightful. Animation crew is amazing, skilled and kind, service excellent........ Amazing people, we loved you Tulip."
( 8 April 2012 ) 

"This hotel is highly recommendable for a snorkeling vacation." - the reviewer gave the hotel a maximum score of six stars.
( Simone March 2012 ) 

"Good four stars not more," commented one reviewer perhaps not aware that Tulip is indeed rated a four star.  
( 6 February 2012 ) 

"Far from a big town, but enough to do, with a good restaurant, swimming pools and good service. Scuba diving, snorkeling ? This is the place !"
( 4 February 2012 ) 

You can book a room online by email to or by telephoning the hotel on +20 1000204322 or using the links below.


Check rates, availability and book a room with

Check rates, availability and book a room with

Read the reviews on the Tulip Resort at


                   TULIP RESORT PHOTOS

             Elegantly designed hotel entrance.

             Rooms highly rated on TripAdvisor.

             Spacious well equipped shower rooms.

 Early morning sunrise over the Red Sea & the hotel pool.

Fast moving wide angle video clips of hotel & animation.
August 2013 - 6.33 minutes - over 17,000 views. 

An excellent video tour of the hotel.
January 2012 - 5.12 minutes - over 17,000 views. 

Snorkeling Tulip Resort's House Reef
October 2014 - 3.52 minutes - over 6,000 views. 

Seven min slide show of photos set to music
Youtube - Nov 2007 - 7min - over 24,000 views.

Youtube video tour of a Tulip Resort room
April 2006 - 49sec - over 12,000 views.

Dancing animators at Tulip Resort.
March 2013 - 4.17 minutes - over 1,200 views.

Relax with a coffee in the lobby.

                     Or with a drink at the pub.

Or get a tan on the beach - but limit your exposure

                     Anyone for volley ball ?

                Diving practise by the hotel pool.


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