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 Any enquiries - email or telephone Steven on + 20 1010 4545 98
 or +20 1284 332 337. You can book online and pay on arrival at our official Oceanus desk at the airport.  
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The Oceanus Limousine Service, operates probably the best value and most reliable taxi service in the Marsa Alam area. 

Transfers by private air conditioned taxi for prices starting at just 10 euros one way.   The 10 euro one way fare includes transfers to Iberotel Lamaya, Iberotel Coraya and Iberotel Samaya.  For other hotels please consult the table below.

No need to pay a deposit as you can pay on arrival. You can pay for any online taxi bookings made on this website at the Oceanus desk situated immediately after you pass through customs at the airport exit point (see photo below).

There, you will be greeted personally by Steven. However please note that the actual bookings for taxis can only be made online or by phone - they can NOT be made at the desk - to book please email or telephone Steven on +20 1010 4545 98 or +20 1284 332 337. 

Please don't forget to mention your destination, the date and time of your arrival and your flight number. Steven will respond to your email within a few hours.

All Steven's taxis are now equipped with fast wifi connection so you can connect with friends and family at home or browse the internet while on the way to your hotel.

Also, please note that all Steven's cars carry bottled mineral water so you don't have to worry about buying extra drinks at the airport for your journey.  

Don't worry if your flight is delayed as Steven monitors flight arrivals live at Marsa Alam using the mobile internet and so there won't be any extra charge if your flight is late and there'll still be someone waiting for you even if your flight arrives early.   

If your hotel or desired journey is not listed below please contact Steven for further information.

For journeys to Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor or Aswan please see the long distance table in the right hand column.

Steven can also arrange various types of car rental with or without a driver.

To book or if you have any questions please email 

Price from Hurghada Airport, 281km north of Marsa Alam town, to any hotel around the Port Ghalib area - 50 euro only.

 Destination Price     Price
Euro     GBP
 Abo Nawas Resort   19       15   
 Abu Dabbab Resort
  17       14
 Akassia Swiss Resort
  20       16
 Alba Club Helioland   50       43
 Al Nada Resort
  15       12
 Amaraya Club
  19       15
 Aswan    99       79
 Badawia Resort
  15       12
 Beach Albatros Helioland
  50       43
 Berenice Town
  48       38
 Best Western Solitaire
  19       15
 Blue Lagoon
  30       24
 Blue Reef
  19       15
 Brayka Bay
  19       15
 Cairo  190     150
 Carnelia Beach
  25       20
  19       15
 Cinderella Beach
  25       20
 Club Calimera Habiba
  19       15
 Concorde Moreen Beach
  17       14
 Coral Hills Resort
  25       20
 Crowne Plaza Sahara Oasis
  12       10
 Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands
  12       10

 Dreams Beach Resort
20       16
 Eden Village Gemma 30       24
 Eden Village Habiba 19       15
 Elphinstone 19       15
 El Quseir Town ( from airport ) 25       20
 El Quseir Excursion ( from hotel )
30 € return
 Equinox El Naaba 19       15
 Fanadir Resort 30       24
30       24
 Flamenco Beach 
35       28
 Floriana Dream Lagoon
30       24
 Floriana Emerald Lagoon
30       24

 Gemma Beach Eden
30      24
 Gorgonia Resort
30      24
19      15
 Hamata Town
48      38
 Happy Life  17      14
 Helioland Beach 35      28
 Hilton Nubian 17      14
 Hurghada City  50      40
 Iberotel Coraya 10        8
 Iberotel Lamaya 10        8
 Iberotel Samaya 10        8
 Intercontinental Palace 12      10

 Kahramana   19      15
 Lahami Bay   48      38
 Luxor   99      79
 Mangrove Bay B&B El Quseir   30      24
 Marina Lodge   12      10
 Marsa Alam Town   19      15
 Moonrise/Moon Azur    19      15
 Movenpick El Quseir    35      28

 Nada Resort  15      12
 19      15
 Onatti Beach
 30      24
 Oriental Bay 
 19      15
 Oriental Dream Sentido
 20      16
 Palace at Port Ghalib
 12      10
 Pensee Azur Resort
 25      20
 Pickalbatros  35      28
 Port Ghalib Marina   12      10
 Queen Shams Alam  30      24
 Quseir ( El Quseir from airport )  25      20
 Quseir ( Excursion from hotel )  30 € return
 Radisson Blu El Quseir   35      28
 Resta Grand  12      10
 Resta Reef  12      10
 Sahara Oasis at Port Ghalib  12      10
 Sahara Sands at Port Ghalib  12      10
 Samaya Iberotel  10        8
 Sentido Oriental Dream  20      16
 Shams Alam  30      24
 Shony Bay  17      14
 Solitaire Best Western  19      15
 Sol y Mar Abu Dabbab  17      14
 Sol y Mar Dar El Medina  19      15
 Sol y Mar Dolphin House  35      28
 Sol y Mar Solaya  10        8

 T-Club Berenice  48      38
 Three Corners Fayrouz  13      11
 Three Corners Triton/Triton Sea  12      10
 Tulip  15      12
 Utopia  25      20
 Vime Gorgonia  30      24
 Wadi Lahmy Azur/Lahami Bay  48      38
 Zabargad  48      38
 Zen Moon  19      15

*The above prices are per car - not per person as often quoted by local companies. Aswan and Luxor exclude insurance and other charges - please email for more information. 

If you need a seven seater the cost would be a little over double and we would recommend hiring two cars instead.   


For more detailed information on Luxor excursions please view our Luxor excursions page.  


Vehicles will be maintained to the highest standards of mechanical performance, tidiness, cleanliness and presentation.  All cars will carry a first aid kit and phone in case of any emergency.  

Chauffeurs will all be fluent in English and some of them will also be fluent in Italian or German. (Please let Steven know if you need a driver fluent in a language other than English.)  

Chauffeurs will be on site at the airport or hotel at least 15 minutes prior to the anticipated time of pick up.  

Bottled water will be offered to all passengers. 

Chauffeurs will be always smartly dressed and show impeccable behaviour and manners and be customer focused throughout their work.
Chauffeurs will enquire if the passenger feels too hot or too cold to ensure that the air conditioning is kept at just the right level.  

Chauffeurs will assist passengers at all times with any baggage and with entering and exiting the vehicle. 

Chauffeurs will inform their passengers of an estimated time of arrival at their destination.  

Chauffeurs will drive safely and ask their passengers if they are happy with the driving style.  

Otherwise, chauffeurs will not initiate conversation but will always be sociable, polite and answer any questions passengers may have.  

Chauffeurs will provide the passengers with a wifi connection to enable online communication.  

Chauffeurs will meet passengers at the airport with a board carrying the passenger's name written in neat writing.  

Karnak Temple - one of the amazing highlights of an excursion to Luxor

Fellucas on the Nile. Photo by M. Golsteijn 2006.











































Please consult taxi fare table to check your hotel.


"We did the day trip with Steven's Taxis to Luxor and had a perfect time. Everything was arranged very well. We had a comfortable car and a perfect driver George.  Insha'Allah we will come back next year and will definitely contact Steven again."

Annettee 22 February 2014

"The price to get there and back was reasonable and more importantly the driver was considerate and drove very safely and didn't treat the road as if it was a race track.... I've now done the trip about five or six times during the last three years and I can definitely recommend them in terms of reliability, comfort and safety."

Alisdare 7 February 2014

"We used Steven's taxis as well, two times during our stay in Marsa Alam. Both times drivers were waiting for us and were on time. Comfortable cars. Very good service as well over the phone when making the reservation. Clear information about the price. No surprise."

David 5 January 2014

"My parents used Steven's taxi for a pick up and drop off to Marsa Alam airport. They can recommend the service as they were very happy. The owner picked them up. He spoke German which was great for them as they don't speak any English. They would use Steven's taxis any time. Great value for money."

Tanja 27 December 2013

Note Photoshop used.

Bus shown is not an Hurghada Airport bus.

Note: Photoshop used - 
Bus shown is NOT a Cairo Airport or Egypt Air bus.

Take our taxi luggage challenge - Even if you arriving first class with maximum luggage allowed along with your pet Great Dane - the Carens will swallow it all easily.  

One of Steven's taxis showing plenty of head and leg room.  Steven uses only newly registered "people carrier" cars.

All of them have loads of space even with all the seats down.  This one having a wash in Luxor while the passengers are being guided around Karnak Temple. 


Steven can also call on a whole fleet of minibuses - so whatever your transport needs give him a call on 
+20 1284332337 or email

                   Steven's brother, senior manager and driver, Sameh, with two happy guests, who are stopping off on route to Luxor. This main road crosses Egypt's Eastern desert between Edfu and Marsa Alam.  

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